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What is Redemption.Cloud?

Redemption.Cloud is an ambitious and wide-ranging blockchain project, aimed at disrupting the local merchant cryptocurrency payment business. Similar to how Paypal disrupted the online payment business and how Uber spawned an evolution in transportation.

Anonymous Redemption + Open Source + Discounted Deals

Redemption Technologies Inc. is a worldwide open source e-commerce marketplace platform that anonymously connects subscribers with local merchants that do not accept cryptocurrencies. The Redeem Platform will be offered free to developers so that it will be available to the thousands of app developers around the world in need of our solution. The platform eliminates the two main problems facing cryptocurrencies and the blockchain today, anonymous liquidity into everyday purchases, and the time it takes to verify a transaction while making a purchase at a local merchant.

The Redemption Technologies Platform will primarily offer discounted goods and services from local merchants who advertise on the platform, allowing subscribers to receive local offerings at a discount and merchants to increase sales revenue. Subscribers would convert cryptocurrencies like Ether and Bitcoin into new spendable BUZZ tokens. BUZZ tokens allow subscribers the ability to purchase discounted goods and services anonymously, the way cryptocurrencies were intended to be spent.

Merchants are paid for goods and services by Redemption Technologies in the currency of their choice, allowing them to accept cryptocurrencies without being paid in cryptocurrency. Subscribers never make a payment to a merchant directly, which keeps users identities hidden and still provides advertisers the ability to track the performance of their advertising campaigns and ROI. The Redemption Technologies Platform will be open source and can integrate into any mobile application, allowing BUZZ tokens to be used by the 4.7 billion worldwide mobile devices through an endless supply of Android and iOS applications.

Cryptocurrency payments are currently viewed unfavorably by local merchants due to the time it takes to confirm a transaction and the complexity in receiving cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. While other solutions to this problem exist, all of these solutions require the user to register with user identifiable information such as name, address, confirmed phone number, social security numbers, etc.

Registration on the Redemption Technologies Platform only requires an email address and password. BUZZ tokens are pre-confirmed and therefore transactions happen almost instantly for merchants and subscribers.

Working Projects: First Integration

Redemption Technologies and PartyLink
While the Redemption Technology Platform is designed to work with all mobile phone applications on iOS and android, our first integration partner will be Partylink.

BUZZ tokens will be immediately integrated into the PartyLink mobile app and upon completion of testing, the source code will be released in an open source format for further integration into any mobile app. In the case of PartyLink, BUZZ token integration will allow users to purchase discounted event tickets, food and drinks at popular venues.

Redemption Technologies decided to integrate it's platform into the PartyLink mobile app as it is already a developed working product, allowing the accelerated release of an open source version of the platform for integration with any publisher's mobile application.
Redemption Technologies and PartyLink

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